Saturday, October 21, 2006

Omelet & Hashbrowns

I adhere to a 'rule of three' in omelet preparation when it comes to ingredients. Fewer are acceptable but generally, three ingredients provide just the right mix of flavor sensations - more than that and things just get confusing. This omelet pushed the boundaries in a number of ways but when you get down to it, was still a cheese, mushroom, and sausage omelet.

These are the rule stretching ingredients used for this particularly delicious omelet --
  • Sausage (Asiago chicken sausage with vegetables)
  • Mushrooms (Shitake mushrooms sauteed lightly in butter and garlic)
  • Cheese (Rocchetta - a combination of cow & goat cheese)
Although this is a very simple meal I'm giving it 5 stars just because it was that tasty.

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